Monday, January 23, 2012

potong cepak trend 2012, kerenabiez!

Model rambut 2012 adalah potongan super pendek kiri kanan...jadi menurut prediksi potongan rambut gaya tahun 1920 an akan kembali semarak! potong cepak!!

A 1920s / 1930s men’s hairstyle revival.

There’ll be no shortage of hair cuts in 2012 that require a set of clippers, but they won’t all be influenced by the way men wore their hair in the 1920s and 1930s. Here we’re not talking about one specific style, but a variation on a theme: short back, short sides, and length through the top. In its time its had many a name, each related to the subculture indulging in it (in 1980s Scandanavia it was dubbed the synth haircut as a result of its association with synth bands of the era). But in short (not a pun, honestly) the length on top slicked backwards, meaning that the disconnect between the back, sides and top makes this an undercut hairstyle.
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